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What SUSiEtec offers

Digital transformation in industry relies on a data-driven innovation process focusing on customer needs and operational excellence. Connectivity between products, machines and collaboration between people across the complete industrial value chain, are the enabling factors of digitalization.

Products need to get to market faster and more cost effectively than ever before. In parallel, customization demands are increasing in complexity and emerging 
technology is changing the way business and manufacturing processes are executed.

Machines will get you the right data to the right place at the right time, but the success behind widespread adoption of digitalization is all about engaging your people to step up and embrace the changes that smart manufacturing brings to their daily work.

With the SUSiEtec toolset we provide holistic software and hardware solutions in combination with a deep expertise in digitalization for equipment suppliers and manufacturers. 

Combine our Software & Hardware technologies for your industry

We remove boundaries between Software, Hardware and People

With our SUSiEtec toolset, we give you an open and scalable integration approach, customized to fit requirements of different hardware- and software applications, offering solutions for major aspects as connectivity in IT and OT, security as well as the required expertise.

SUSiEtec solutions can be deployed, configured and adapted in an existing environment and they can be the base for new developments of machines, devices or manufacturing sides.

Within the Industry 4.0 and IIoT solution environment, we help you with our know-how of hundreds of digitalization projects to make the right steps for a holistic digitalization.

Connect your people, processes, assets and systems

Digital transformation is about collaboration and connectivity

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