To remain competitive, manufacturers need to continue to innovate with cutting-edge technologies, but they also need to ensure they are protecting their valuable IP.

In this era of digital transformation, manufacturers across industries as diverse as the automotive, aerospace, industrial and high-tech sectors are evolving to stay competitive while offering the best possible products to their customers.

The digital transformation toward 4.0 industry relies on operational excellence with a continuing focus on improvement for technology, processes, and people.

Machines will make industries to get the right data to the right place at the right time. But humans’ capabilities are the ones to make something useful to all collected data to enable data-driven innovation. 


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With a shortage of skilled employees for hybrid Industrial IoT environments, there is great demand for flexible solutions that allow integrating existing applications into the cloud.

SUSiEtec addresses this demand by providing an end-to-end framework customized to fit the requirements of different applications, and is deployed at the boundary between sensors and cloud. 

SUSiEtec can be configured flexibly and adapts to existing automation solutions, removing the traditional boundaries between data acquisition, data processing, and data provisioning, enabling seamless integration of IT and OT.

By digitally transforming your business, you will:

  • Monitor performance, optimize operations and solve problems remotely
  • Experiment with simulated data without disrupting production
  • Detect anomalies and enact operational changes
  • Seamlessly scale and extend the solution according to evolving needs
  • Work with the existing equipment and capabilities, saving time and money
digital transforming

Start your Digitalization journey with SUSiEtec

and manage all of your devices, on any platform, with efficiency.


and act on existing and new data with real-time analytics solutions.


real-time insights to the users and business systems that use them to transform processes.


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