It has been over a decade since the cloud started dominating the IT industry and is now part of the standard repertoire for every IT executive.

The miniaturization drives for higher computing power, the Internet of Things’ exponential growth of data volumes, and the further spread of Ethernet and web standards are moving traditional IT – and with it, the cloud – even closer towards industry and manufacturing:

Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) are merging. 

Speed up the data-to-insight process

Information management

Manage all your on-premises and cloud data. Connect, prepare, orchestrate, and monitor information at scale with data from websites, apps, and devices

Big data store - scale to petabytes on demand

Centralized repository of structured and unstructured data with elastic scale for enterprise-wide analytics.

Machine learning and advanced analytics

Predict outcomes and prescribe decisions. 
Powerful machine learning and Hadoop-based advanced analytics for driving action in real time

Dashboards and visualizations

Manage all your on-premises and cloud data. 
Connect, prepare, orchestrate, and monitor information at scale with data from websites, apps, and devices


Interact in natural ways with agents and cognitive APIs.
Augment your users’ experience, customize responses, and drive appropriate actions with intelligent agents. Enable your solutions to see, hear, speak, and interpret the world around you. 

Monitor thousands of devices located around the world without physically inspecting them

Imagine your assets had eyes and ears and could talk to you in real time.

That's what IoT-driven remote monitoring offers. It involves collecting data from assets and using that data to trigger automatic alerts and actions, such as remote diagnostics, maintenance requests, and other operational processes. 

Read how SUSiE Services supply intelligence to your data

SUSiE Services

Digital eye

Data Intelligence

Transform your business with remote monitoring

Manual, time-intensive procedures can now be dynamic, rapid, and automated, and assets located nearly anywhere can be monitored from afar. With live data from smart sensors and devices, you get better visibility into operational status, and can quickly automatically respond to current conditions.

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