Increase efficiency

Digitalize Service Management processes

  • Reduce redundant administration tasks in various departments
  • Standardize and streamline service processes making it easier to automate end-to-end workflows
  • Provide full integrated web-based services that combines sales, customer, resources and other crucial business data
  • Visibility to parts inventory ensures quick resolution 
  • Define accurate repair metrics to improve ability to manage correct service performance

Increase efficiency

Increase productivity

Increase productivity

Empower field technicians

  • Mobile access to all information makes technicians more effective
  • Off-line capability enables no disruption due to bad or lack of connection
  • Mobile collaboration improves job completion times
  • Mobile device equipped technicians ensure on-site expertise
  • Knowledge sharing using digital manuals reduce training time 
  • Technicians working for third-party companies can easyly pick-up work orders 

Decrease in field service costs & repair time

Empower the dispatcher/service operator 

  • Skills-based scheduling ensures the right technician for the right job
  • Optimization based on location and availability increases technicians utilization
  • Technical insight of the work order increase first-time fix rates
  • Real-time dispatch reduces wait time in the field  
  • Track&Trace third-party technicians work increase utilization in the field 

decrease in field service costs
paperless processes

Improve uptime and customer satisfaction

Supports paperless processes 

  • Provide faster access to important information
  • Improve material flow
  • Increase speed of service repair resolution
  • Avoid unplanned downtime
  • More insightful reporting, real-time delivery of data as dashboards and analytics
  • Strengthen/improve connection between service team and customer/partner
  • Customer self-service improved resolution time
  • Increase in first-time fix improves customer confidence
  • Checklists & data collection reduces compliance incidents

Service Revenue Growth

New business model: “xy as a service model” 

  • Flexible service offerings based on customers’ requirements in the different markets
  • Automated remote service model speeds up invoicing and assure correctness Installed base/asset visibility enables upsell and cross-sell due to local market demands

service revenue growth

generates contract renewals

Generate contract renewals

Condition and preventive maintenance 

  • Increase efficiency by remote monitoring of condition and status of customers’ assets
  • Early detection of potential technical problems in the assets
  • Easily tailored customized service plans increase revenue potential
  • Clear visibility of contract status and performance drives profitability
  • Conditions-based maintenance demands technicians to stay proactive
  • SLA tracking ensures contract compliance
  • Checklists & data collection reduces compliance incidents


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