SUSiEtec Workforce

Our SUSiEtec Workforce is a platform incorporating proprietary technologies aligned with industry-wide standards.

SUSiEtec Workforce is designed to foster

  • openness
  • flexibility and
  • ability

to be easily integrated and completely plugged into existing systems and business environments  -  configured to meet all customer needs.

Compelling advantages

Efficient and well-proven

SUSiEtec Workforce is a platform upon which a large number of our products are offered. 

It enables the synchronization of data between such backend systems as ERP, CRM, databases  and mobile end-devices.

Existent .NET applications can be extended for use on notebooks, tablets and smartphones – and for use in offline scenarios.


The routines governing data synchronization are capable of being flexibly integrated into extant applications. The exchange of data with the existent central system is guaranteed by configurable interfaces.


SUSiEtec Workforce offers dashboards enabling the efficient monitoring of the status of the system and sending alerts on an automatic basis.


SUSiEtec Workforce offers a transaction-based synchronization, and the options of an SSL encryption of the data being transmitted, or of the deployment of such further security-enhancing services as A1 Mobil Dataguard.

Your greatest benefit... incurring of costs that would have ensued from further development when extending extant applications.

And for that reason: small-scale investments when setting up offline functionality.