Driven by the need and wish to satisfy our customers‘ requirements, we at Kontron Technologies team up the key and core expertise found in a wide variety of technology segments, melded with our in-depth knowledge of the diverse markets we are operating in. Yielded by these joinings: highly-efficient packages of proprietary technologies, high-quality IT solutions, and professional services are meeting all of our customers‘ needs.

Comprised in our range of services are software-based solutions that satisfy both standard requirements and individual wishes. This range also includes consulting on business processes; the implementation of digital workflows and their integration into existing systems; the provision of mobile-based software solutions; and the development of software for management applications.

The core of Kontron Technologies is formed by a merger that has produced synergies, and that has given our customers a broad and highly diversified spectrum of innovative technologies – each advancing the development of the companies deploying it.

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Kontron Technologies

Your provider for comprehensive solutions

Kontron Technologies is a subsidiary of S&T AG. It works closely with fellow S&T subsidiary Kontron. These working relationships provide Kontron Technologies with rapid and direct access to the requisite hardware components and to the embedded software solutions that ensure the expeditious and efficient implementation of all projects. This highly productive array of products and services includes the option of having your system hosted in the high-end environment provided by a  Tier 3 computing center, and, as well, a multifaceted range of technical services. 

Kontron Technologies thus provides its clients with access to a holistic portfolio of IT (information technologies) and OT (operational technologies) products, services and solutions. The broad portfolio starts with the procurement of hardware and the performance of implementation services, and extends to outsourcing, consulting and the development of customized software solutions.

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Kontron Technologies Linz
Industriezeile 35
4020 Linz

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Kontron Technologies Hagenberg
Softwarepark 21
4232 Hagenberg

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Kontron Technologies Wien
Brehmstraße 10
1110 Wien

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Kontron Technologies Augsburg
Lise-Meitner-Straße 3-5
86156 Augsburg, DE

Tel:  +49 821 40860



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