Innovative Visualization


The integrated QIWI Toolkit software package provides the user with a performance optimized HTML-5 browser.

The QIWI Toolkit offers possibilities for easy configuration and parameterization of the network, display properties, time and language settings, as well as a file and package manager.

The "look and feel" of the browser interface including the language, font and company logo, can be customized. The layout and size of the virtual keyboard can be adjusted, and also captures Asian, Arabic and Cyrillic characters which can be entered directly into the visualization.

QIWI Tookit


Benefits with QIWI

  • Chromium based HTML-5 browser
  • Optimized browser engine for enhanced performance
  • Easy configuration either on the Web Panel itself or from an external device
  • Scalable performance
  • Enhanced features to personalize Web Panel with individualboot screen or screen saver
  • Copy parameter settings to another device
  • Image backup and restore
  • Integrated FTP server and file manager
  • Security and firewall settings
  • Event logs and resource monitor(memory usage and CPU load)
  • Linux package manager
  • Functions for remote debugging and performance testing

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Device set-up

Easy Configuration


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