Device Management

Device management provides a zero-touch provisioning solution to large and small Industrial IoT systems. In an effort to avoid manual tasks typically performed at a factory and R&D level, this service helps to automate the verification of a device identity throughout the entire product life-cycle.

Our SUSiEtec Device Portal helps with the process of managing the implementation, operation and maintenance of all physical and/or virtual devices, including various administrative tools and processes for extracting the right data by interfacing with microprocessors and local device software.

device portal

Benefits with SUSiEtec Device Portal

  • Secure all devices and data implementing same measures throughout the whole system
  • Customers can keep own developed applications
  • Capabilities to monitor, segment, and manage devices that are out in the field
  • Data/asset registry provides a way to control life-long device management
  • support the au­thentication and communication mechanisms
  • Enables automated tasks to create, provision, configure and troubleshoot devices remotely, in bulk or individually
  • Installing device and component-level drivers together with related software
  • Optimized pricing using subscription model

Our SUSiEtec Device Portal offering include

  • Simple Management Interface to manage devices, apps & users
  • Administrate and monitor unlimited number of devices
  • Secure administrator GUI for application containers in all connected devices
  • Assure only authorized people get access to proprietary device information
  • Apply compliance across all devices meeting organization's security requirements
  • Provide reports incl HW status CPU/Memory/Network
  • User-friendly Container Application Management Interface
  • Docker Swarm Management
  • Rest-Interface to integrate into existing brownfield
  • Competitive device pricing model 
device portal

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