Along with providing the scalability and flexibility to integrate existing applications into the cloud, SUSiEtec provides a tailored end-to-end IoT framework, developed in modular form, where components can be picked and used as needed for dediated UseCases: 

  • Predictive maintenance: reduce downtime of equipment and processes by anticipating necessary fixes and maintenance 
  • Real-time monitoring: ensure the “right” resources are being used at the “right” time for the “right” application or process
  • Asset tracking: improve total cost-of-ownership by understanding usage of assets, such as shipping containers or lathe machinery
  • Machine learning/AI: developer smarter products and services by implementing machine learning and data science
  • Fleet management and logistics: persistently track vehicles and their performance to optimize usage, and proactively detect issues
  • Security: secure interface for managing and distributing updates including necessary firewalls
SUSiEtec IoT

Speed up your digitalisation transformation

SUSiEtec supports millions of simultaneous device connections, allowing you to configure and monitor the performance of your devices and help you scale when necessary.

Speed up your digitalisation transformation by using an infrastructure that allows you to still leverage your existing applications in combination with our user-friendly offerings.

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...SUSiEtec removes digital complexity by enabling customers to build scalable, highly customizable edge computing solutions, integrating IT with OT, using Microsoft Azure. 


IoT in action

Windows 10 IoT: Manufacturing

Watch this Webinar with us & Microsoft to see how our SUSiEtec framework can help manufacturers create secure, connected devices for actionable insights and improve efficiencies. 

Connect your business with IoT, to uncover endless opportunities



From Reaction to Prediction

The predictive capabilities of IoT, enable factory managers to anticipate equipment failures. Moving from reacting to predicting, means deploying solutions that are highly scalable and economical to manage. 

Watch this Webinar to learn how to develop manageable IoT solutions based on a singular ecosystem view using our SUSiEtec framework. 


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