Get everything connected

In a connected work, the overall health of devices needs to be monitored in order to reduce downtime and minimize service incidents as well as ensuring the accuracy of the data reported and notify in the event of hardware tampering or abnormal behavior. Similarly, backend system health also requires scrutinized monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities.

Regardless if you are rolling out your first version of a connected product or if you already have installed thousands of devices in the field, when you experience a service case or you´d like to experiment with a new application feature, there is always a need to direct access a dedicated device out in the field. 

Many organizations lack the resources and knowledge to support an Industrial IoT system 24/7. By setting up diagnostics and automated alerts, a practice can provide a continuous remoting service along with troubleshooting in a timely fashion.


Benefits with SUSiEtec Remoting

  • Simple on-line tool for device administration
  • Secure connectivity via public into private cloud
  • Secure data management and storage
  • Real time data monitoring and evaluation
  • Mobile device access to monitor end-user Apps
  • Customizable access to data for end-users
  • Dashboards and Schedules available via Internet browser interface
  • Optimized pricing using subscription model

Our SUSiEtec Remoting offering include

  • Automated device registration
  • Remoting over “IoT connectivity” mechanism
  • Firewall friendly without opening ports
  • SSL encrypted traffic
  • Watchdog functionality
  • Offers foundation for device mass management
  • Custom integrations with e.g. CRM
  • On-premise and/or cloud solution
  • Wifi-connection with IPC and mobile devices
  • Interfaces for data export
  • Capability to applycustomer specific features
  • Competitive device pricing model 


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