Industrial systems have a host of security considerations, and we understand the importance of making sure all devices in the field are behaving the same no matter origin and location.

In most cases there is no public access to the systems and even if so, they are usually locked away in some sort of control cabinet or enclosure. The more challenging aspect is that people start to connect devices that were never connected before, exposing them to all kinds of threats that ethernet interfaces are bringing.

Companies looking to implement their own Industrial IoT cloud solution often underestimate the complexities of owning, managing, securing millions of possible data points. With our SUSiEtec Secure OS solution we merge the configuration, software and firmware updates with automated delivery, installation, and rollback mechanism.


Benefits with SUSiEtec SecureOS

  • Environment where the identity of every device is secured
  • Defined software for certificates, encryption, updates etc.
  • Secure management interface for remote updates and mass distribution
  • Standard update mechanism for existing end-user applications
  • Firewalls configurable over secured web interface
  • Prevention of attacks from the outside as well as from the inside of the firewall
  • Possibility for customization based on different HW&SW requirements
  • Optimized pricing using subscription model

Our SUSiEtec SecureOS offering include

  • Tailored LinuxOS to specific HW and SW
  • Based upon Yocto full integration of BSP (any Vendor)
  • Customized updates and roll-out schedule
  • Monthly penetration tests including agreed parameters
  • Notifications about updates and vulnerability scan results
  • In case of “Critical” vulnerabilities update within one week
  • Possibility to switch back to the last working version, preventing downtimes
  • Two redundant OS partitions ensuring 100% uptime
  • Certificate based authorization/encryption•Competitive device pricing model 

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