With SUSiEtec, our end-to-end IoT Framework, we give you a very comprehensive solution that’s designed to help you connect your devices.

Whether a few hundred or millions across the world, analyze all the data coming from these devices and take action from the insights by integrating with your back-end systems.

The framework is customized to fit requirements of different applications, and is deployed at the boundary between sensors and cloud. It provides the necessary link between devices, translates protocols, filters data and processes them on site if and when needed.


SUSiEtec helps you achieve:


Use only separate parts (logging, monitoring, I/O modules …) and/or select single modules to work together with your solution following the framework approach.

Hybrid Mode

Full-edge mode (edge analytics), full-cloud mode (edge gateway) or utilizing both worlds.

Edge Scalability

Define virtual edge devices based on physical edge devices, load balance automatically within the virtual device based on current load and custom metrics.


Use based configuration file maintainable from the cloud. Live update during execution without losing data.


Define workflow of messages within the solution based on context and data sensitive routing, reaching from edge to cloud. Perform routing changes, include new modules and new route inputs/outputs on the fly.


Add, update and remove single modules or module groups on edge during execution including integration into existing data flows.


Add and integrate new I/O modules (sensors, actors, on-premiseapps, cloud apps …) within the routing and configuration workflow of the solution.


Use existing Azure update channels or use on-premisesecond channel updates, reaching from container deployment, Kubernetes clustering and OS, driver, application and BIOS updates.


Get detailed insights into the edge deployment based on logging, metrics and traceability … visible on edge or in cloud reports.

Industry 4.0

Flexible and high powered

Within Industry 4.0 solution environment, SUSiEtec takes care of the analysis and processing of data incurred. It removes the traditional boundaries between data acquisition, data processing, and data provisioning, enabling the integration of IT and OT.

SUSiEtec can be configured flexibly and adapts to existing automation solutions to collect and analyze telemetry- and sensor data on site, to cope with rising demand for cloud bandwidth and storage.

Key capabilities offered with SUSiEtec

Connect and scale with efficiency

Quickly get started and scale your IoT project to your business needs. With application ready framework, SUSiEtec,  you can integrate existing UseCases and easy customize them, enabling faster time to result and lower investment.

Analyze and act on data  

Having hybrid approach you gain full flexibility and control on data management and where the processing is done, gaining benefit of system performance, data ownership and TCO.
Analyze data that has been acquired over a long period of time to find patterns and correlations to uncover trends that offer new insights about how your products are used or how they behave under certain conditions.

Integrate and transform business processes 

SUSiEtec is designed to integrate with your existing processes, devices, and systems to enable you to automate common workflows and unlock new value by making the best use of both existing and new data sources. You can connect your people, processes, assets, and systems to create opportunities to innovate and transform your business.

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